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I'm in love with this look.
Everyday since I got rid of my locks I wake up and feel amazing. Unique, edgy, bold, happy, even a bit sexy if I'm allowed to admit. I look in the mirror and somehow wonder how is it that it took me so long to do it.
But as radicate as the transformation may be, I've noticed that it had taken place a while ago. I was craving for a new look, when in fact after thinking, writting and even kidding myself about it with bang trims, I've suffered from a huge conversion already. Now I feel more like myself, maybe because I look like the person I've become.
It's hard to see a transformation when we keep living in the same mundane rutine, however in retrospective this has been a year of growth and it has become clear in one of those simple moments of lucidity that we rarely get, where we notice that although we find ourselves in a place that has not changed, attend the same classes or have the same job, the way we see things is different.
My style has changed too. I have trained my eye to be curious and see the aesthetics of the world in a different more vibrant way.
I feel brave and don't hide in my hair anymore. This long bob was so unexpected, refreshing and somehow a dignifying representation of the renew or die motto. Now I'm no longer afraid of change.
I've become aware of my strenghts and flaws and have accepted the fact that being me and feeling good about myself because of it is alright.
Maybe, when I feel this urge again I'll go short -er ... nevertheless this look was a perfect choice for the season and if we look it from the Fashion side, a very trendy choice as well.
I would really encourage you to go for it. I can tell you that it simply comes from within, a month ago I woke up and new I needed to do it. Even the adrenaline rush when I saw my braid on the floor felt fine.
I took advantage of everything and decided to donate my hair to a good cause where It'll be used to make wigs for girls with cancer. In the end it all felt great.
So, if you feel like you need a change do it. For you, for a shift in your life, a forgotten love or a sophisticated appeal... in the end the change starts from within so you have nothing to worry about.
Remember that if we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.
And I stand by what I had previously said... Human beings always need a change.
Call it developement, evolution, rebellion or whatever you like, but one thing is certain; this doesn't need to be a social, it might be an inner revolution manifest by something as "little" as a hair cut.

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F
Photos by Helena K.

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