Profiling a Well-dressed man

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"Clothes make the man.                                                                                              Naked people have little or no influence on society" - Mark Twain
Even though I think we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, in today's society the cover is as important as the content, because no matter how much we fight it, we always have and always will be judged by our appeareance.
Harsh reality reveals that first impressions are made within 3 seconds of meeting someone, and the following 90 are destined to confirm that perception; as 80% of our body is commonly covered in fabric and there's not much to say in a minute and a half, our outfit and presence are reigning factors on the matter.
With Pitti Uomo around the corner I found it suitable to focus on menswear and its supreme power.

Boys, the secret to getting every girl deserves an extensive post itself, however dressing well will give you a tremendous bonus. Stylish men are always appealing to girls... In fact to everybody.
Contrary to what many common guys think, they don't project vanity but self-discipline, confidence and attention to details which is precisely the most effective weapon to win a battle.
One of the many powers of clothing is that it can transform your state of mind. That means that if you want to look like a profesional businessman, you need to dress like it.
Doing so requires the factors above, because achieving a perfect look needs attention.
A man who dresses well knows the value of self-discipline.
He learns that planning with enough time according to his neccesities is a paramount for consistent results, therefore he prepares for the day by thinking through it, anticipating his needs and taking the proper steps to ensure he can meet the challenge.
A disciplined dresser can arrange his outfit to meet his needs from 9AM to 5PM and from meeting to drinks afterwards.

Well dressed men also learn to be careful with details and look for elegant accuracy.
Always wear polished shoes, ironed shirts, brushed coats, tailored suits and know what colors match their personality. These depend merely on what you want to project.
For example, a black suit, white shirt and red tie project leadership and seriousness, prints tend to project much more creativity.
Well dressed men are normally the graphic definition of effortless, because dressing that way is a part of their lifestyle, not a costume. 
That's why they seem never ahead nor behind the trend, neither a victim of fashion or inappropriately underdressed. 
Somehow a t-shirts, jeans, smoking slippers and a hat look as equally remarkable as a binomial houndstooth 3-piece ensamble on them. 
That means that either way they'll naturally and comfortably stand out of the crowd.

For that reason they will incorporate uncommon items to their looks, for example ascots, pocket squares and patterned socks purposefully visible under cuffed pants, which aren’t necessary or practical and yet complete a multitude of the men’s outfits with decided confidence and distinction.

For all this aspects well dressed men receive consciously and unconsciously a certain respect based on the effort put on their image. Of course one must perform well to succed because pocket squares alone won't take you far.

I tend to associate well dressing with well manners and chivalry.
It might not be the case every single time, however a true attractive man... those we see in old movies who steal sights are gentleman. To other men and women. He is a man with things under control,.
His look is pristine, he is confident, independent and wants people to be comfortable around him. He is the perfect host, opens the door to others not as a gesture of condescendence but rather courtesy. He is punctual, says "please" and "thank you", helps a lady wth her coat, minds table manners, shows initiative and most importantly a gentleman knows how to do things, he is the guy people look in an emergency whether it's natural or social and if he doesn't know the answer he knows where to find it.
You know that movie Crazy, Stupid, Love where Ryan Gosling interprets the super dapper-who-gets-every-girl Jacob Palmer? Well, There's a scene where he takes "Emma" to his apartment and shakes up drinks in the most elegant way, even peels an orange in the moment to add the "twist".
So I guess that being a well dressed men comes with more tan wearing cool socks and daring to take a more fashionable approach on a daily basis, to really leave a mark.
It is about adding style to your entire life and turning into an interesting, educated, driven, charismatic young fellow ready to take the world by every angle....
Remember, becoming a member of the handsome men's club is not about money or presumption, but about trying to be the best version of yourself inside and out.
Xoxo, RWPF

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