Fur-real or Fur-fake?

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Let me clear one thing first.
I ADORE animals. 
I wanted to be a vet growing up and watched animal planet almost everyday to learn as much as I could about them. I'm the "wild life geek" who is against many things that put this creatures in danger.
Now that we got that straight let's get back to the subject.

Ever since I started this blog I knew that my style wasn't going to be enough. I wanted to actually learn about trends and the history of this industry, reason why I created my instagram account and started reading lots of magazines and books to feed myself with inmediate pictures of everything.
One day something caught my eye: Faux Fur.
Girls were wearing fur coats in the day and I loved it!
I had the idea that I could only wear fur in extreme cold environments or at night, but I was finally going to have an excuse to wear mine in broad daylight.
Well, I thought wrong. Permission denied.
My mom told me it was "too much" to wear on everyday basis.
Why? because it was real fur.
You may wear huge fur balls out of plastic but not a sleek fur coat?
Keeping PETA aside, because I know that people are pro faux fur in order to stop using animal pelt... What should I do if I already have fur in my closet?
Not wear it? I already got it, so it would probably be a waist to do that.
I'm actually re-using, remember it is in My Vintage Armoire so I see no harm on doing so.
On the other hand, wearing mink, fox or chinchilla is considered aside from cruel too posh, presumptuous and not appropiate for the everyday routine.
The purpose of both, real & fake is to cover and protect from the cold so... wouldn't it be good to let people choose within their chances and preferences?
I'm debating whether it is inappropiate to wear real fur if people wear fake.
The difference is the material, it looks practicaly the same... (most of the time)
Personaly I don't really like faux fur, I feel like I'm kidding myself... it is not even soft.
Or maybe I haven't found real good ones jet.
What do you think? Is it bad to wear real fur to go out? Do you like faux fur? Do you notice the difference?
(Picture above: left is real, up is fake, down is real and right is fake)
Let me know!
We need to look stylish this freezing season and fake or not it looks LOVELY!
Fur, leather skinny's and pumps = SUCCESS <3

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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