Sharp Dressed Man

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I don't think you need new shoes, silk suit and a black tie, but ZZ Top is right.
We girls get crazy for Sharp Dressed Man.
Since my childhood I have always loved fashion, but the more I grow, my taste for menswear has become an obsession.

My father died when I was really young and every time I remember him, I remember the smell of the suede jacket mixed with the scent of CK by Calvin Klein and the smell of Cuban cigars. 

He was a gentleman who always treat me like a lady, showed me to have determination, fight for my dreams and I think he is also the one to blame for my high expectations on men. :P
But anyway, I think that with a few tips and the right combinations, any man who wants, can become a sharp dressed man as a mature gentleman or perhaps adopt a very stylish/casual look for the everyday routine.
You do not need the most expensive shoes or luxury shirts , but there are certain details can be the distinction of a gentleman.

1.- Hats and Caps
in the 20's these were a necessity, now we see hats and caps back on the Fall/Winter runways. Hats are a stylish and sophisticated statement which complements any Outfit. The same applies for Caps a really cool touch for an incredible, chic, casual and preppy look.

2.- Suits
The impeccable cut and elegance of the details are extremely important, but the important aspect is that it suits your personality.
You need to have 4 points in mind while picking a suit.
1. - A good suit "hugs" the shoulders, it doesn't hang from them.
2. - Take it to a tailor to slim the sleeves that will slim your whole body.
3. - The signature of a gentleman is that a portion of the cuff  of the shirt (1.5 cm more or less) leans out of the suit.                                                                                                               
This is the final touch of elegance.
4. - The leg of the suit should arrive right to the ankle to produce a cleaner image.

 Want to wear it to another level?
Choose thin flaps to look more modern
If you like the "English dandy" style choose pockets with flaps and ask for an extra one for tickets.
Having a suit for the whole year is no longer used.
If you freeze, conquer winter  with suits out of wool, tweed or Corduroy.
and for summer use cotton in black, navy and plaid or twill and seersucker.
3.- Shirts
You need a shirt which fits your torso, that will always make you look slim.
There are 4 types of collars in the shirt-world, all of them for different purposes.
  • Spread: for business attire.
  • Straight-point: for a minimalist tie.
  • Semispread: not very casual and not very formal either.
  • Button-Down: for an old school preppy look.
-For summer, plaid cotton, for a classic impact.
-For winter, intense colors like lavender, pink and lime Green.

4.- Ties
An accessory which never goes unnoticed, really important for a sophisticated look, there are many of them, but here I present to you the top 7
  • Wool: the best choice for winter
  • Black: for a formal, informal or casual event. It can be combined with a white shirt or to complement a denim or leather jacket .
  • Points: witty, urbane, cool
  • Club: anyone with style is able to wear them
  • Striped: for any occasion
  • Woven: the Beatles used them, Cary Grant did too and it's time for you to start.
  • Bun: returns with forcé, to use in any occasion whether formal or casual it will always give a sophisticated and fun touch.
 5.- Details and Accessories
  • Socks: combined with the shirt for an edgy and modern statement.
  • Handkerchiefs: a contribution of elegance for sure.
  • Tie Clips: touch of sophistication.
  • Cufflinks: must be functional and chic without looking like cheap jewelry.
    -Tip: it is easier to combine silver cufflinks tan Golden ones.
  • Watch: watches are one of the most important statements a man can make about his personal style. Some are designed for action and performance, others as relics of timeless elegance and of couse, nobody can deny watches are beautiful.
 6.- Shoes
Slippers, penny loafers or dress-shoes will go with everything, but the way you tie your shoelaces will always make a great difference.

Loop Back

Straight Lacing
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked writing it!                                                              Menswear is incredible and with a few tips, really easy to combine. Hopefully some of you found this tips helpful.
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Thanks for Reading!

                                                                                                                                  Roberta W. P. F


  1. Incredible the way you have managed to really talk about the way men should dress.... Men are always dressed down and have the "comfty" look, but it is always the way you present yourself in public the way people will remember you, the way you dress always leaves and impression on other people... if you are sloppy, they will say: "here comes the sloppy guy" if you are sharply dressed, they will always say: "that guy's got it right"... And always always always remember that it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed... whatever the occasion, it doesn't matter if it's going to the beach or going to a wedding...
    Very nice post!!!!

    1. thanks for the support! :)